Why is an Agendabook.com Planner Smyth Sewn?

Smyth sewing is a hallmark of library quality, archival safe books because the pages are sewn and reinforced with fabric adhesive allowing short term durability and longevity.  This means you can archive your agendabook.com planner and show your grandchildren.

Why is a hard linen cover used?

Linen has a long “staple” (individual fibre length) relative to other natural fibres.  It’s simply a superior fabric, in fact linen cloth and textiles have been found dating back to 7,000 BC.

What kind of paper is used?

Acid-free FSC certified paper.

Why is it a 2-page-per-week Layout?

As humans, we remember seven digits very well, this is why phone numbers (without the area codes) are seven digits long.  The 2-page-per-week layouts are excellent for visualizing your 7 day week in your short term memory.

Do covers come in any other colors?

No, just the ones you see online. More colors to come in the future, please let us know which color you like.

Do different planners have different inspirational Quotes?

No, but next year’s planner will contain new Quotes.

Where was my planner designed?

Your planner’s final layout was designed in Boston, Massachusetts, but the layout has been a working collaboration with over 20 major colleges and universities.

Can I order my planner with a different starting month?

Not yet.

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